Factsheet: Reusable Transport Packaging

To achieve a circular economy, it is crucial to ensure that packaging is increasingly reused. Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of packaging across the logistical supply chain. RTP is intended for and based on the principles of prevention and reuse. By using and discarding less raw materials, ensuring a longer lifespan and providing safe and efficient transport, it is an essential enabler for obtaining the EU’s circular economy objectives!

To inform policymakers and stakeholders alike, RPE has compiled the most relevant information on two examples of RTP, namely Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) and Reusable Wooden Pallets (RWPs), in a short factsheet. RPE is looking forward to further engage with the EU institutions to promote the reuse of transport packaging in upcoming EU legislation.

You can download the factsheet here.