RPE publishes position paper on EU Taxonomy – Transition to a circular economy

RPE strongly endorses the advisory report on the circular economy draft criteria of the EU Taxonomy, published by the Platform on Sustainable Finance in March 2022. The report identifies which criteria companies need to meet in order to become “taxonomy eligible”, and thus “sustainable”. The European Commission is expected to publish the final criteria later this year. On the basis of its extensive experience in the reusable packaging sector, RPE makes several important recommendations to the European Commission for finalizing these criteria.

Reusable transport packaging is especially relevant to the environmental objectives of EU Taxonomy, as it is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of packaging across the logistical supply chain. Based on the principles of prevention and reuse, RTP uses and discards less raw materials and therefore ensures a longer lifespan as well as safe and efficient transport. RPE’s mission is to promote the pooling of reusable packaging as a circular service and as the most efficient and sustainable solution for the transport of products in the European Union.

You can download the paper here.